Welcome to the ACCC's Freedom of Information (FOI) site

COVID-19 impact on FOI processing

The ACCC has activated its Business Continuity Plan due to COVID-19 and most staff are working remotely. We expect delays with processing FOI requests during this time. All potential FOI applicants are encouraged to seek guidance from the FOI team via foi@accc.gov.au prior to submitting an FOI request. We thank you for your patience and co-operation.

In line with recent changes to the FOI Act, this site enables you to:

  • access information regarding the functions of the ACCC, including its decision making powers and other functions
  • access operational information published by People and Corporate Services, Competition and Consumer and Regulation groups including background information, guides, manuals, evaluation methodologies and other information relating to how the ACCC performs its functions
  • learn more about the FOI Publishing Requirements and access information under the Information Publication Scheme that forms part of the FOI Act
  • lodge a request for information under the FOI Act
  • search or browse the material released under the FOI Act in response to requests made after 1 May 2011 in the FOI Disclosure Log
  • view and access FOI documentation released in the past month in the FOI Most Recently Published page.

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