Lodge FOI Request

Under section 15 of the FOI Act, any person is entitled to apply for access to documents in the ACCC's possession.

A request under the FOI Act must:

  • be in writing,
  • be made under the FOI Act,
  • provide enough information for us to identify the documents you are seeking, and
  • provide details of where notices can be sent (for example, an email or postal address)

To enable the ACCC to identify the relevant document/s give as much information as possible about the document/s you are seeking. There are grounds on which access to documents may be refused.

Should you proceed with your request, charges are generally payable in relation to time spent in searching for and retrieving documents, decision-making time, photocopying, postage etc. However, charges are not payable for accessing your own personal information and in all other cases the first 5 hours of decision making time is free.  Charges are also not payable if the ACCC does not notify you of its access decision in accordance with the timeframes set out in, or as extended under, the FOI Act.

If you need further information or wish to apply for access to documents under the FOI Act, please contact the FOI Officer:

Freedom of Information Officer
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
GPO Box 3131
Ph: 02 6243 1244
Fax: 02 6243 1210
Email: foi@accc.gov.au

Please note that FOI requests made by email or facsimile are only valid if sent to the ACCC’s designated email or facsimile addresses: foi@accc.gov.au or (02) 6243 1210.  You may also send or deliver an FOI request to the ACCC at one of its offices (see ACCC office addresses, faxes & phone numbers).